Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Week

It's Book Week at Kyra's school this week. A local bookstore, Hakawati, has set up shop in the lobby, selling kids books in Arabic and English. One day the students wore pajamas and read books all day. Another day was "grandmother's day," and the grandmothers all came in to read books to the kids. Today a local children's book author, Luma Azar, came in to talk to the kids. Moms and grandmas were invited to listen.

It was thirty minutes of storytelling and singing, all in Arabic. Most of the moms and grandmas participated; I simply tried to smile at the right parts.

Many of the stories were about animals. Funnily enough, I just learned the word for turtle, and I thought at the time, when am I ever going to need this word? Imagine my surprise, then, to find a word I knew, right splat in the middle of all the chatter about bunnies and sheep and birds.

I bought a book and the author autographed it for Kyra. Now I can practice reading with her. Soon I'll be able to read and write the word for turtle, and just imagine how far my world will expand then!

The word for turtle, in case you're all curious now, is "sulhafa" (سلحفاة). Now you, too, can hold a small bit of random Arabic knowledge in your brain.

You're welcome.


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