Saturday, February 19, 2011

And We're Off!

Things are getting crazier and crazier in the Middle East. I was sitting in the Embassy cafeteria on Thursday, and every time I looked up from my book, there was a new image of rioters on the television, but each time a different city was listed on the screen. Very unsettling.

To my friends Jen and Drew - stay safe over there in Bahrain. I also have a friend in Yemen, friends in Baghdad, blog friends in Saudi, Bahrain, Tripoli and Jerusalem, and real life friends on their way to Abu Dhabi (my blog pals in Cairo and Tunis are long gone). So you can see I have a personal stake in the safety of the entire region. Our Jordanian protests made CNN yesterday, but all was quiet in my neighborhood. Take that back: all was quiet except for the gunfire. I believe it was just "celebrate your kid's good exam grades gunfire," which as everyone knows isn't technically dangerous. Unless, of course, you're underneath the bullet as gravity kicks in.

Don't know if today will be quiet, though - the United States just vetoed a UN resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal, and I can't imagine my Palestinian neighbors are going to be happy about that. Since I'm a Foreign Service spouse, and my blog isn't anonymous, I won't be telling you what I think about that.

Instead, let me say that we're going back to the ER today for a follow-up visit for Shay's arm, but I think it should be fine, given the fact that I can't get him to stop throwing his football. I'm guessing the pain is gone.

After that, we're going down to the Dead Sea for a very last-minute overnight stay. That is, if my husband wakes up feeling better than he did yesterday.

Back soon with pictures.


Shannon said... [Reply]

I hope things stay calm in your area and the rest of the middle east chills soon. Stay safe and try to stay out of the ER.

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Hoping for a calm and peaceful day for you all. I vote for getting to the Dead Sea and just floating all the craziness away for a while!

Connie said... [Reply]

I read in the Jordan Times that 3 people were struck by stray bullets, and one teen was killed by a hit and run driver as someone pushed him in an office chair in the street. I remember exams and graduation from HS being exciting, but not to such a lethal level... you think that the schools ought to include a class on physics and gun safety as a requirement??

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