Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our First Trip to the Dead Sea

Oh, it was awful. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

In the interest of preserving the privacy of my kids, I won't name any names here. But I can say that 2 out of 4 kids threw massive temper tantrums - one when we arrived, one when it was time to go. One child forgot to pack shoes. One child's shoes were stolen poolside. One child had an accident, rendering that child's shoes unwearable. One child's recently injured toenail popped off again in the lobby, leaving a bloody mess everywhere.

Two children were terrified of the Dead Sea itself, and screamed the entire time they were in the water, much to the annoyance of the other swimmers. Two children broke out in hives because of the saltiness of the Sea. One husband thought to cheer up his wife by bringing her an iced coffee with Bailey's, poolside, but wife didn't realize it had Bailey's in it and let one of the kids drink some.

It was a mess. An absolute, awful, disaster of a trip.

I will say this, though: I definitely plan to go back.

Without the kids.


FSO Hopeful said... [Reply]

There are some great hotels at the Dead Sea. My wife and I stayed at the Kempenski and when we came back with our kids we stayed next door at the Movenpick.

With as cold as it has been in Amman I definitely might head down to the Dead Sea or Aqaba while I am there.

Bfiles said... [Reply]

so sorry it was so rough! you definitely need a do-over.

Daniela Swider said... [Reply]

Yeah, I can see how perhaps going without the kids may have been a tad more enjoyable. Great pictures though!

globalgal said... [Reply]

As someone who is likely going to be having a kid within the next year, (and a lifelong expat and traveler) this post should have scared the bejeezus out of me. But it is one piece of the reality I really need to know. Sorry that things went so crazy, but at least you came away with a blog post! :)

Nomads By Nature said... [Reply]

Which hotel where you at? The pictures and view look great! We just went for a day and got in the Dead Sea by the public (still have to pay, but less) beach. The pool water was way too cold. The showers to get off the salt and mud (my kids did the Dead Sea mud body painting)were even colder than the pool. Getting my son cleaned off was a comedy/drama in itself! And the salt in the Dead Sea was painful if you had any cuts or bruises or splashed your sibling and got the salt water on their face. But at least my kids LOVED floating (allbeit for 5-10 minutes) like starfish on the water's surface. They loved the mud too! My mom and I floated for a super long time with huge smiles on our faces while my hubby monitored children on the beach and chased away a plague of flies. All that said, I would DEFINITELY go back again!! And the whole family would too! Hope you give it/get another opportunity! It is fabulous, and beautiful!

Shannon said... [Reply]

Oh My! I am sorry but I am laughing so hard. And it does sound like a few family holidays we have had. Hope your return trip without kids is a lot more fun!

Connie said... [Reply]

It's an hour away... do over!!! Sorry everything went wrong. That was just your practice run ... the photos turned out great though. How were the temps? We have been thinking of taking Brian for his birthday next month.

Sara said... [Reply]

That look beautiful! I can't wait to go one day.

Bryn said... [Reply]

The resort looks incredible!!! I'm sorry the trip wasn't all you hoped for. The dead sea is a place I've always wanted to go, because I won't be scared of sharks there. :)

Catherine said... [Reply]

Oh man!... did you stay at the Movenpick? Great resort and awesome spa! Minus the fact of course that I ended up with food poisoning... Looks like you all had fun minus the "small" setbacks!

Kim's Piece of Mind... said... [Reply]

Yeah, well, we went to Thailand (total Paradise!! LOVED IT),and took daughters 1&2 - ages 20 & 17. One daughter lost her glassed & tea she bought for her boyfriend. Daugher 2 would only eat rice at each incredible eating event, until I bribed her to *try* sticky rice w/Mango, and she was then ticked she had missed the all the good food. Daughter 1 called our room at 7am, freaking out because the internet would not connect. Traveling w/kids is always this painful, sad to say, although yes, it is easier and much more fun when they are older. Also, I realized that each time I drank a Singha, I felt better. So each time #1 or #2 complained/lamented/argued, I just yelled, "WAITER! Singha - Karpoon kaa!" Maybe a round for all of coffee & Bailey's would have eased the pain of all concerned on your fettered foray. Well... at least you can say y'all went to the Dead Sea once. I am convinced that while family vacations are important,the key to a happy marriage is also taking a week or even a weekend here and there to take a romantic journey sans kids. Anyway, loved your article. Miss you guys. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Yeah, I am behind, too....) Love, Kim

Just US said... [Reply]

We drove by the Dead Sea twice this week! I would love to know where you stayed and if you would recommend it - when you get a chance (csamto(at)yahoo(dot)com

Hopefully next time you go you will have a MUCH better trip!

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