Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talented Salmon, Part Two

Last year, for the first time, I had my hair done for the Marine Ball, and it was fun to have a fancy hair-do.

Well, the Marine Ball is coming up again this Friday, and I thought it would be nice to get an up-do again. So I called up the Talented Salmon.

I want to get my hair done for a party on the 19th, I told him.

Yes, yes, of course, he agreed. You come on the 19th! We will do highlights! And hairstyle! And make-up! And manicure and pedicure!

Ummm, well, no highlights, thanks ( because you never know about getting highlights the first time, and I don't want to look like a skunk). Also, I told him, no make-up.

No make-up?, he repeated, and I couldn't tell if he was offended or astonished. But then who will do your make-up?

I can do it myself, I explained. I just need an up-do. And a pedicure would be nice.

Okay, he agreed. Up-do. Pedicure. AND manicure. You come to my salon at 12.

But Samman, I said, I'd prefer 4 o'clock. 12 seems a bit early.

4 o'clock?, he repeated.

Yes, I affirmed. 4 o'clock.

Okay, he said, 4 o'clock. You come to my salon at 12 o'clock, we finish by 4 o'clock.


So it appears, if we understood each other correctly, that the Talented Salmon is going to spend FOUR hours getting me ready for the Marine Ball this Friday.

And I am very, very afraid.


Happy Eid, everyone! The kids are home all week, so we need to come up with activities to keep them (and Yogi) busy. But no, we won't be slaughtering a sheep.


Linsey said... [Reply]

4 hour up-do? That is going to be something to see. Can't wait for before/after pics

Jersey Beth said... [Reply]

Let him do your makeup! You can always wipe half of it off when you get home!! Go for it, and post lots of pictures!!!
from Jersey.

Kristen said... [Reply]

Ohhh, how fun! It should be interesting to see if the Jordanians have their own version of an up-do!! Can't wait to see pics of the big night!

Jen said... [Reply]

Call me a terrible mother, but that's like four hours of (theoretical) peace and quiet...or at least trashy magazines I can justify reading. So, pics are a must and so jealous of everyone going to marine balls...maybe next year (thinking positive, thinking positive...)

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