Sunday, November 14, 2010


Poor Barbie. What kind of sick creature would do something like that to her hands?

Meet Yogi, our latest mistake. I mean, the newest member of our family.

He's just three months old. So little! So tiny! But not for long. He's a giant schnauzer. That's right: Giant. As in, not miniature or standard. Giant. Yes, it's true. My husband is officially certifiable. He chose the dog. I merely stood by, prepared to I-told-you-so him some time down the road.

And while he may look all cute and innocent in this picture, you should know this: he ate that Barbie's hands.

And that's not all he's eaten. Several other Barbies lost their appendages and had to be disposed of deep in the garbage can when no one was looking. He's eaten Legos, crayons and blocks. He's even eaten my computer cable. Twice. He ate one of my high heels after the girls took it out of my closet. He's chewed up pretty much everything he's found on the floor - except his expensive imported rawhide bones.

But he's made the kids very, very happy. They haven't even had time to notice their missing toys, so busy are they chasing him around.

I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more about Yogi soon. Unless he manages to eat my computer.


Jen said... [Reply]

Aw, terribly cute!

Kate said... [Reply]

When we moved to Virginia we found a Barbie parts graveyard underneath one of the girls' beds, courtesy of our wheaten terrier. I regret that he never destroyed the skanky Bratz dolls they got from the neighbor girl.

He's sure a cutie!

Kim's Piece of Mind... said... [Reply]

He looks like Bart. (They say that about dogs and pet owners...)

Julie said... [Reply]

You might want to get some big raw bones for him to chew on. I would be careful with the rawhide ones. I have pulled a piece of that out of a choking giant's throat and never used another piece of rawhide. A tired giant is a good giant. Teach him to retrieve, etc. Have lots of info about giants if you want. We really lost our collective heads and have five giants and two minis. ;-))

Julie said... [Reply]

Also have a yahoo group and an incredible amount of knowledge there. You would be most welcome to join.

Just US said... [Reply]

I am hoping he doesn't eat your computer since the other one is being held hostage! He is such a cutie and thank goodness the kids haven't missed their toys yet!

Devon Whitney said... [Reply]

I know you know this, but: get tons and tons and tons of appropriate chew things for him and make sure he gets TONS of exercise. If he's never at a loss for something of HIS to chew on, he's less likely to choose something of your's (or your children's). Good luck! I am so anxious to hear all about Yogi because I've always wanted a Giant Schnauzer myself. They are gorgeous, but also, very stubborn from what I've read... Congratulations and good for you for getting right back on the horse... or dog, as the case may be!

Kristen said... [Reply]

What a sweet little face. Hopefully puppyhood will pass quickly, and in the mean time it looks like Barbies will be on your shopping list for Christmas this year :)

ForeignObsession said... [Reply]

How adorable!!!! Poor Barbie...

Sadie said... [Reply]

So cute!! I hope he outgrows the shoe-chewing phase quickly, though. A nice addition to the family.

Ingrid said... [Reply]

Is the new puppy in addition to the two Salukis? Like, now you have THREE HUGE DOGS?

Connie said... [Reply]

He is so cute!! I'm sure he's going to grow into a beauty too, and Barbie, well she probably got what she deserved.

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