Monday, October 4, 2010

Remembering 1998 Embassy Bombing Victims

Via Diplopundit, here's a link to a short, sad article on a few of the victims of the 1998 Embassy bombings in Africa. These people gave their lives and the lives of their family members, all in service of our country. Eleven Americans died and many more were injured. Over 200 Tanzanians and Kenyans were also killed in the blast - many of them were also working to advance our diplomatic goals in their countries.

One of the alleged conspirators goes on trial this week.


Connie said... [Reply]

12 years... and not compensated. So wrong. No doubt the Kenyans affected have been even more 'forgotten'.

LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

Thank you, Donna for posting this. At least here in Kenya they are not forgotten. Their photos line our embassy hallways, there is a memorial garden that we all walk past every day. As far as compensation & an apology I couldn't say when that's coming. I do know that the Nairobi embassy is a fortress and the security measures are exceptional. One learns a lot from being bombed, I suppose & an embassy is no exception. It could happen again. Anywhere. That article just serves to remind that it DID happen and people are still mourning.


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