Monday, October 25, 2010

Allah's Blessing

There are loads of guards on the streets of west Amman. Some people have actual policemen, dressed in camoflauge and carrying big guns, standing in front of their buildings. Others hire private security guards to keep watch on their houses.

One house on our street has a rotating cast of security guards whom we pass each morning as we walk to school. A couple of the the men wave and say hi to Kyra and Ainsley as they skip past.

Today, Kyra was running ahead, so she reached the guard booth ahead of us. When we caught up, she was standing in the guard booth, chattering with the guard. He asked me "does she understand English or French?" English, I told him.

"Then," he said in English, placing his hand on her head like a benediction, "I will pray to Allah for her good health." He kissed her on top of the head and continued, "I will ask Allah to make her a doctor. Or maybe an engineer."

Kyra rewarded his prayer with one of her glowing smiles and we continued on our way. Now, of course, we have a new spring in our step, knowing as we do that a stranger has sent his prayers to Allah on our behalf.


Connie said... [Reply]

Bet that started your day off right!! I love how kind most people are here (not all, yea.. every culture has their jerks...), but people are nice, especially towards children.

Marinka said... [Reply]

That's so wonderful. Your daughter is so lucky that these experiences are part of her childhood.

Emily said... [Reply]

That is fabulous! What a lucky girl!

Rachel Cotterill said... [Reply]

That's sweet :) I'm glad Allah is praying for more techie girls ;)

Brooke said... [Reply]

That is a dear story. There is something so sweet about an unsolicited blessing from people you meet on the street :)

I once had a nice elderly women with one gnarly tooth bless me in a similar manner on a bus in Jerusalem. What a nice cultural norm, eh?

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