Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Season Starts

In Beijing, the boys participated in Club Football, an outstanding soccer program with British coaches who taught my boys on the lovely green artificial turf at the International School of Beijing.

The boys loved it. And so did I. Practices were after school, and they could take the school activity bus home. Games were on the weekends, when the girls would play on the playground while the boys competed. On that soft, expensive artifical turf.

Soccer officially started this weekend in Amman. I stayed home with the girls while Bart took the boys, because there is no playground at the field. No astroturf, either. Actually, now that I think about it, there isn't even a blade of grass. No, our new field is 100% genuine middle eastern dirt.

I thought the boys would be bummed by the primitive conditions of the field, but it didn't bother them, not one bit. Aidan came home covered in dust from thigh to toe, thrilled to be that dirty. Shay was less dirty, but only because we weren't sure when his game was scheduled, so he missed the first half.

That's one more milestone crossed in this new place: the first sports team. Shay tells me almost noone on his team speaks English - not sure if this is true, but it would be nice if it were, because he'd get some real-world Arabic practice. Sadly, Shay's team meets twice on the weekend: once on Friday for games, and once on Saturday for practices. I don't think we quite understood the level of commitment when we signed them up. There is no way we're going to devote our entire weekend to soccer, not when there's the Dead Sea and the Red Sea and Jesus' baptism site to explore.

I guess we'll work this all out moving forward. Does anyone out there think I should find a laundry detergent maker to sponsor this blog? Because when I look at these photos, I see even more dirty clothes than ever in my future.


globalgal said... [Reply]

This reminded me of the "sports field" at my international school in Kuwait. It was an empty sandlot about a block away from the school, just big enough for football practice. Games (and our sports days) were actually played at the university stadium, where they actually had grass! Nice flashback. :)

Jill said... [Reply]

And for a minute I was really stressing about missing the soccer sign ups this fall...

... not so much. That's a heck of a time commitment that I'm not willing to keep.

And Charlie Soap. That stuff is THE best. Gets dirt out of just about anything.

And they have free shipping - shipped it to myself in all 3 posts!

Connie said... [Reply]

One thing we miss about Cairo is the school with their HUGE green (real grass!) playing fields! No matter. At least be happy that this is regular sand/dirt here, not the red clay you get in some places that will NEVER come out. Glad the boys are having fun!

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