Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home at Last?

We're slowly settling in to this new life of ours.

Three of the kids are now on their regular post-Ramadan school schedules, with after-school activities beginning this week. They're all happy with school and friends and schedules, for the most part. Shay's class already went on their first field trip - to the Dead Sea. Amazing. We still haven't been as a family, but he's seen it.

The kids are all studying Arabic. Me: not so much yet. I'm hoping to look into classes this week some time, though, because:

I finally have some help in this big dusty apartment. I have a lady coming in every morning to clean or help out with Ainsley. This means I could theoretically take Arabic or even go to the gym every so often. Gasp. No more excuses. Not as many, anyway.

This morning, as I type, the house is clean and the laundry is folded. I already have dinner ready, courtesy of my double batch of pasta sauce from last week. And I even have a lasagna and meatballs cooling in the freezer in preparation for a dinner I'm supposed to be hosting later this week.

A new friend lent me Julia Child's book, My Life in France, and it seems as though I might have a few spare minutes to read it. Did you know she was a Foreign Service spouse? Yep, she was. You can be sure if we'd served at the same time, I never would've had the guts to invite her to my house for dinner.

That's all for now - I'm off to read for 10 minutes before I have to pick up Kyra from school.

It's turning out to be a good day.


Idania said... [Reply]

Hi Donna,
Just finished reading all your posts in the past week (yes, I have 2 kids, and yes, the housework has been neglected in the meantime!). I just got accepted to the Foreign Service in Canada and hope to be heading off myself in a few years with my family. I look forward to reading you as I go along in this new career!


Emily said... [Reply]

I am so glad that you have someone to help out.
I have heard great things about that book, and have it on my 'to read' list.
I think I would be intimidated to have you over to my house for dinner, unless there was a Costco nearby or a great delivery place.

Connie said... [Reply]

It is great to have a maid! I am happy to be able to ignore the routine work (which is time consuming in a large house) and focus on the piddly-yet-important stuff. I finally sorted our movies, which was over-due, I'm working on software now and it's just as bad...and I've got a couple other projects that look 'hopeful' now. Things got chaotic because I had no time to sit still and just do it. Thank goodness for help! Hope you enjoy your free time!

Catherine said... [Reply]

You should check out that movie Julie/Julia that depicts Julia Child's life while she was living overseas with her husband. Very good and funny... Oh and I was going to suggest if you have the time do take a trip to the Movenpick dead sea resort and book a few spa appointments... I took a short trip when I was stationed in Kuwait and loved it! I know that could be a whole day trip for you or who knows, maybe, just maybe you and the hubs can make it a weekend trip and the kids can be... at home? I know, in a perfect world, but hey you should consider it.

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