Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey, y'all! I need some help here.

You see, I volunteered to do the Weekly Roundup of State Department blogs. What was I thinking? Is there any way to get out of it? Probably not.

But you could help.

If you're a Foreign Service blogger, could you put something fascinating on your blog in the next day or so? And then let me know you've done it?

I don't want to miss anyone who is out there eating bugs or getting involved in knife fights or whatever it is you kids do when I'm not looking.

So go already. Blog. And if you write something I need to know about, or you find a link I should use, please let me know.



Andrew said... [Reply]

If you haven't thought about this already, you could set up a Google Reader with all the FS blogs you follow and then you'd receive all the updates.
Posting the weekly update would simply be cutting and pasting from the Reader.
Hope this helps.

Shannon said... [Reply]

If you go with Andrew's suggestion you could go to last week's round up. The Slow Move East shared her google reader listing. All you have to do is go there and subscribe. Somehow that took me a while to figure out this last weekend.

I used the the foreign service blogerator on Digger's sidebar to find blog posts.

As for new posts I feel like the Mullin's family has doen it's part with the bug eating but there are a few new posts about the critters in our yard.

Erin G said... [Reply]

since I don't write a FS blog, I can't help you much. However, as a fan of expat blogs in general, I have to say I'm looking forward to your round-ups. :)

Camille said... [Reply]

EFM quit! Isn't that sad! I'm just sayin' - it ought to be included on the round-up (with tears and plenty of sniffles).

Please. Write your own stuff.