Saturday, September 11, 2010

Birthday Update

Why, yes, that IS hand-made wrapping paper. You see, in our family, we don't believe in buying store bought. No sirree, we lovingly design our own paper, from scratch. We're creative that way.

We don't like wasting paper, either, so we use whatever scraps we can find in the house that day. In this case, we used some slightly torn and crinkled paper left over from the moving boxes. We're resourceful that way.


How dare you.

I mean, really. Accusing me of forgetting to purchase wrapping paper for my own child's seventh birthday. What kind of mother would do such a thing? I'm offended that the idea would even cross your mind.

(He did like the rollerblades - which I remembered to order in time. See? I'm not all bad.)

(Also? They sell scotch tape in Cozmo. In case any of you out there need to buy any for emergency wrapping projects. Not that you would. I'm sure you have loads of tape tucked away with your wrapping paper and bows. Ahem.)

The birthday cake was a big hit. You can't tell in the picture, but it's chocolate, with chocolate frosting, and a white frosting "road" down the middle. There is a toy truck driving down the road, covering up the giant crack in the middle of the road, where the cake started to fall apart under the weight of the fabulously delicious and not-exactly-low-calorie buttercream frosting.

That's as fancy as it gets here.

Thank the Lord I have boys - they request this car cake every year, and all it really involves is making two different colors of frosting and buying a toy car.

I have no idea what I'm going to do when the girls get old enough to request princess and mermaid cakes.


Connie said... [Reply]

I had to make a My Little Pony cake one year... thank goodness little kids are not real picky! What an awesome ... and very sparkly ... cake, and as for homemade wrapping paper... it's 'green', recycling, and is good to mother earth. (and darn convenient because that stuff is tough to find!)

A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]

Girl, you beat me all to heck. I've never in my life made a birthday cake for anyone. So that road/buttercream/car thing sounds like about the best cake in the world. You get an A+ for that one, Momma!

It is so funny- there are so many little things (tape!) that can become such a big, big deal when they're not owned and desperately needed. I'm still in the land of Target. I'll probably go off the deep end when there's no tape and no Target.

No, I'll probably just wrap yards of dental floss around the package or something.

This life is so crazy sometimes!!

Elaine said... [Reply]

Don't forget that fabric makes good wrapping, and fabric strips tie like ribbons. There's always something with an indelible stain, a rip, etc., eh? (I discovered that if you left things in the mending basket, the kids outgrow them before you get to the task. Problem solved!)

Almond paste is like modeling clay and takes food coloring (or nontoxic watercolor) well. Hand up for the My Little Pony cake...and the zoo cake, and the dinosaur cake, and on and on. They outgrow it, at long last.

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