Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Darkness Falls

22:00 - Bart takes some work calls.

23:00 - Is that gunfire?

23:30 - I wake up and find Kyra snuggled next to me. When did she come in?

01:00 - Ainsley screeches in her sleep.

02:00 - Aidan is scared, wants to climb into my bed. I tell him to squash in next to Kyra. "But Ainsley's already there," he tells me. Huh? I check, and sure enough, she has snuck in next to Kyra. So I settle Aidan in the girls' room (why? I don't remember now), and fall asleep next to him.

03:00 - Kyra wakes me up and wants to climb back into her own bed. Great! I stumble back into mine.

04:30 - Bart leaves for work.

05:30 - mosquitoes buzz my one good ear, waking me up again.

06:15 - I give up on sleep.

10:30 - Two cups of tea and one cup of coffee. But I still can't stay awake, for some strange reason.

Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone else out there? Or am I the only one with dysfunctional sleepers and mosquitoes wandering the halls at night?


onecraftymama said... [Reply]

Sounds like any one of our nights this summer in Catalunya. It has been so hot, no air conditioning, no window screens = lots of mosquitos! Every night my children are restless and wander their way up to our queen bed. Increasing the heat factor. Many nights, I go down to the kids' room and sleep alone. Glad to know I am not the only one that plays the game of musical beds! Fortunately, it is starting to cool down the past few days. Although, I imagine you have many more hot days to come...

TravelMommy said... [Reply]

Oh, how I miss Amman!!!!!! All of your descriptions have made me so sad, I want to go back! I'm glad you are settling in. The time before your car comes is the worst, but you sound prepared for taxis, so no worry!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

We have restless kids too and totally play musical beds. I keep crossing my fingers that we are ALMOST ready to outgrow this stage!!

(the mosquito buzz in the ear is SO annoying!)

Linsey said... [Reply]

UGH! I feel like we are ALWAYS re-learning how to sleep around here. Brad has long work days, sounds un-fun.

Rachel Cotterill said... [Reply]

I'm sure it's not just you, but I can't say it's a feature of my life... but then I only get woken by my husband, and he's in my bed to start with! :)

ruthy ann said... [Reply]

what a fascinating life...i'm so intrigued to keep reading!

thanks for stopping by!

citymouse said... [Reply]

My nights of musical beds are in the past now, and believe it or not, I look back on them fondly!

Hope you guys get a good night's sleep tonight.

Stopping by from SITS.

Kami said... [Reply]

Well, Boston is no Amman, but my relatives have compared staying in my house to camping so...I can relate to the mosquitoes. Little effers. I can relate to the not sleeping. I haven't lately. Not sure why. And if you exchange "gunshots" for "illegal fireworks" I can relate to that too. Now if we can manage to sell this house come spring, I may be able to relate better...our applications for teaching abroad are in!

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