Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, that was exhausting.

I kicked off the weekend with a Thursday morning trip to Carrefour with Connie of Whale Ears. Carrefour is huge - two stories of trying to convert dollars to JD and grams to ounces. I was exhausted afterwards, suffering total brain melt-down.

The trip was worthwhile, though, for this photo alone. Who knew there was one medicine that could cure absolutely everything (except death) right there on the supermarket shelves?

Next up: I took the kids to TexMex night at the pool: score one evening of NOT having to make dinner!

Friday dawned: the first day of the weekend here in Jordan. We got some stuff done around the house in the morning, then took the kids to the pool in the afternoon. In the evening, we walked to a neighbor's house for dinner with a nice group of people. Awesome barbeque, good conversation, great margaritas and - evening #2 in a row of NOT having to make dinner!

Saturday arrived, and with it a caravan of cars. We hopped in for a quick drive to the "Scandanavian Forest." It's really called that - there were signs and everything. It didn't look exactly Scandanavian, but that didn't stop our group from hiking to the top of the hills for a look around.

Aidan took the photos, and you'll see he got a few good ones. Bart and I took turns carrying Ainsley up the hill. I met some more really nice people on the hike.

Later that afternoon, we went to yet another neighbor's house for a birthday dinner. Which means - you guessed it - three days in a row of NOT having to make dinner! The things I get excited about, honestly. But the homemade pizza with artichokes and mushrooms was pretty darn delicious.

Alas, this evening is Sunday evening - a school night. I've already broken my winning streak and cooked up some soup, which is cooling on the stove as I type. This whole Sun-Thurs workweek is going to take some getting used to.

Anyway, enjoy the photos of the "forest," and I'll be back soon with more. I'm off to meet the school bus.


Sara said... [Reply]

Oo! I really like the last picture!

Jill said... [Reply]

Carrefour!!! Love that place!! Looks like you're having a grand time!

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