Friday, August 13, 2010

We Interrupt This Programming...

We were blissfully checking email and reading blogs for two whole days before our internet died (like the phone before it). I finally found my way to the internet office today to pay the bill (about $100 for the next two months), so it looks as though we have internet again (still no phone, though).

So I'm WAAAAY behind on emails and such. Sorry.

Family, listen up: we're moving to permanent housing on Monday, we think. Just as soon as we finish up orientation at the school, we'll dash back here and move the welcome kit and suitcases to the new place.

The new place: it's super nice. They even let us pick out paint colors! Of course, we had to do it sight unseen, based on photos and small paint chips. So I'm a leeeetle bit nervous that it might be a disaster.

So much to say! Like, for example, I found canned chicken broth at the store today! But it was about $7.50 a can. Let me repeat that: one tiny CAN of broth was over $7.

Here's something else: Shay and I walked to the nearby grocery store today and bought fresh mint, lemons and sugar. We made our own mint lemonade. Yum.

We also went to the Royal Automobile Museum today, and the kids were amazed. Shay's eyes almost popped out of his head: the Buggatti! The gullwing Mercedes! The Ferrari! The weird orange bullet-shaped Mercedes! The, ummm, other cars I can't remember...

Spending loads of time at the pool, getting to know other families with kids. Our kids now can't wait for school to start on Tuesday (me neither). Kyra's school doesn't start til after Ramadan.

Okay, I am going to bed now. You can't stop me. I will try to fill in the gaps shortly. Just know we're alive and well and - so far - we very much like it here.


Shannon said... [Reply]

One of my kids would be trying to book a ticket now if I told him about the auto museum.

Sounds like it is going well. So glad you got to pick paint colors, we arrived to find our house interior had just been painted a yellowy beige throughout. YUCK!

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