Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready Or Not, Here We Go

Time's up. Tomorrow we get on the plane for our long journey to Jordan.

We're mostly ready, I think. Today will be spent packing, organizing and spending a few last hours with our DC relatives.

We're going into temporary housing when we get there, for a few weeks at least. This means we won't take possession of our air freight, even if it has already arrived at post. So: a few more weeks of suitcase living for us. It also means I likely won't be online too often, because I won't set up an internet connection in a temporary place.

Family: the emergency number we gave you before we went to Beijing still applies, should you need to reach us. Otherwise, we'll call you when we can and let you know we're safe.

Deep breath.

Here we go.


Jen said... [Reply]

Safe travels to you!

ForeignObsession said... [Reply]

GOOD LUCK!!! = ) Have a safe trip.

Jen Ambrose said... [Reply]

Prayers for quiet flights, sleepy children, and speedy adjustments to the time differences!

Linsey said... [Reply]

We just started our home leave yesterday. It is good to be home and knowing our final destination is DC. I already don't miss Caracas.

Good luck with the last leg of your journey and your temporary housing.

Shannon said... [Reply]

Have a safe trip, sorry about the temp housing, may it be mercifully brief! Jordan looks like it will be a fun post.

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