Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking

Listen up, all you foreign service newbies: If you're gonna make it in the FS, you have to learn to Think Positive!!! What does that mean, you ask? Well, let me give you a few random examples that spring to mind.
If you experience intermittent power outages in your new house, use the time to read to your kids by flashlight. It's a terrific bonding opportunity.
If the only flashlight you have dies from overuse, well, you get to go to bed early!
If you should happen to see a 3-inch cockroach strolling down your hallway, look at it this way: You'll never again have to tell your kids that they shouldn't eat in their room or they might attract bugs. (Bonus positive thinking #1: you could name the cockroach "Sparky," and the kids will have a pet.) (Bonus positive thinking #2: if, upon hearing your shrieks, your husband comes running, you'll know for certain he still loves you, and he takes his marriage vow - to love, honor, and dispose of all bugs - seriously, even after 16 years.)
If, when you are exhausted and ready to sleep, you suddenly hear an explosion and see smoke coming out of the sockets in the laundry room, it is likely that there is some sort of fire inside the walls. You might have to wait for 30 minutes or so for someone to come check out the problem, during which time you will pace and think of those awful fire safety videos you were forced to watch in grade school. But hey: if the dryer has to be shut off at the breaker box, you won't have to fold any pesky laundry for awhile, right?
See what I mean, folks? It's all in how you look at a problem.


Betsy said... [Reply]

I love the power of positive thinking! I supposedly had a pet cockroach when I lived in the far east as a child.

You might want to invest in one of these. I think you can find it cheaper elsewhere. I can't tell you how many times it has saved me when I was trapped without power. I take it with me every time I travel too.

A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]

Holy COW!!

First of all, you are a hilarious writer.

Second of all, y'all's marriage is EXACTLY like ours, for James is covenant-bound to destroy/dispose of all bugs anywhere near me/our family.

Third of all - I've missed so much during our own move! Congrats on the first day of school and the first shopping excursion - congrats on the fire in the laundry room not burning down the whole place - and THANK YOU for including pictures of your home!! I *adore* seeing pictures!

David L. said... [Reply]

Are you sure you aren't in Mexico? All sounds very familiar, though our walls haven't exploded...yet. I guess a developing nation is a developing nation.

ElderP said... [Reply]

Thank you for the laugh and you can tell an FS newbie, that I would take their spot in a hearbeat, and if I can ever get pass the QEP I might... but that is a different story, thanks again.

LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

Anyone who can put a positive spin on cockroaches gets a medal in my book! You've had quite an eventful week! (Or was that all in one day...?)


Connie said... [Reply]

What's better, finding a whole roach the kids can name, or bits and pieces of one the cats have played out :p

Sara said... [Reply]

Hm. I might start naming our cockroach(es).

I need to keep this in mind when dealing with the drivers on the road. Sometimes they're too crazy. Sometimes, not crazy enough.

Grams said... [Reply]

This made me laugh. Years ago one of my daughter's boyfriends came running across the house screaming like a little girl because he saw a cockroach. I seized the opportunity to teach her that before picking a mate, she should be sure that he will kill all the bugs. Because in every marriage, someone has to be in charge of killing bugs.

Mano said... [Reply]


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