Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Last Column From China

School started yesterday in Beijing, and I find myself a bit mopey because of it. Aren't I supposed to be there? Right now I should be texting friends, planning a meet-up at Starbucks or a trip down to HoleintheWall.

But then I see how dreadful the air quality is right now in Beijing, and I feel fortunate to have escaped with lungs intact.

I'm meeting loads of nice folks here, but you know how it is when you're new: you have to be on your best behavior.

Coincidentally, my very last column for Beijing Kids Magazine has appeared online, just as I'm feeling a little bit homesick. Give it a read if you're so inclined.

Tomorrow morning we're off to see the new school for the very first time - registration day.

So much to say; no time to type! But here's a snippet. We took the girls to the Citadel today for a look around - Roman ruins, right in the center of town. On the way home, we made a rookie mistake and left the camera in the taxi. Bye bye camera, right? Wrong. Bart's new colleagues helped him put out an alert and track down the taxi driver - this despite the fact that we had no receipt or description beyond "yellow cab." Turns out the driver found the camera in his trunk and turned it in to the tourist police.

Lesson learned: keep track of your camera. More important lesson: DOWNLOAD your photos as soon as you get home - there were photos still on there from our last two days in DC, with aunts and uncles and nieces, and I was so relieved to get those photos back.

Off to tuck in the little beasties; more from me later.


Encore Bride said... [Reply]

Thanks for stopping by. Coincidentally I'm at the Embassy in Iraq, it is interesting to say the least :-) Happy SITS Day!

Connie said... [Reply]

I've found folks here to be very professional - but still, awesome that you got your camera back! We'll be dropping by the school tomorrow too, we heard that classes will be posted and we want to find out, meet teachers, and perhaps drop off school supplies... which only arrived TODAY in boxes we mailed from the US (whew! just in time... I've got a few more things to buy tomorrow, but at least I don't have to re-buy everything!) Hope all is well, and never hesitate to holler if you need anything.

FSO Hopeful said... [Reply]

When you get back downtown make sure you try Hashim's. You'll need a cot after you eat there,

Bfiles said... [Reply]

what a beautiful article! I'm loving hearing about your 1st impressions of Jordan. all the best.

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