Monday, August 23, 2010

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

Remember the days when you used to argue with your friends over who had the smartest, the strongest, the bestest dad? (never the moms, though - why is that?)

Shay was getting to know a few of his fellow schoolmates, and it turns out that several of them have dads who work at the Embassy. Now, Shay is certain that his dad is the Most Important Person at the Embassy, with the possible exception of the Ambassador. Imagine his surprise, then, when a couple of the other kids wouldn't tell him in which section of the Embassy their dads work. "It's top secret," they apparently told Shay, and he was incensed. How could it possibly be that they were trying to make their dads look cooler and more top-secrety than his dad?

He demanded that I tell him where these dads worked. I didn't: I just replied that if those kids really had dads with super-duper-top-secret jobs, the kids likely wouldn't know, and so it was quite possible that these kids were simply bragging up their dads. So then he wanted to know who had a more important job at the Embassy - his dad or those other dads.

I'm not sure who those other dads are, really. But I reassured Shay that his dad is Pretty Darn Important, in the grand scheme of things. Once he heard that, he went off to ripstick outside, certain once again that his dad is the bestest dad ever.

And all was right with the world.


Connie said... [Reply]

It's so good when boys look up to their dads :) I remember when my son was a toddler.. I got all the glory. He even insisted that I was taller than his dad, never mind that he's got me beat easily! But, I lost those magical 6-7inches of imagined height as my son got older. (and I'm ok with it!)

Z. Marie said... [Reply]

Recently a new consulate family moved in upstairs from us. All the kids were hanging out, and I overheard the following exchange between 11- and 12-year-olds:
Girl from downstairs: What does your dad do at the consulate?
New boy: He's in charge of the country.
Girl: Really? He's the new CG?
Boy: Yeah, I guess so.
(No, he's not, although I'm sure he is doing important work. But it's funny the way kids remember things their parents tell them.)

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