Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had our first dinner guests last night: chips and salsa, chicken enchiladas, black bean salad, green salad and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Not my best, culinarily speaking, but it's tricky to pull off any sort of dinner while the contents of your spice rack are still floating somewhere in the Red Sea.

We served food in a variety of casserole dishes and Tupperware - fancy! But you know- it was nice anyway, just hanging out and chatting with new friends.

On an entirely different subject: does anyone know what's up with blogger? I can't access it, so I'm doing my Chinese workaround to post this. Anyone else experiencing problems?
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LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

Not experiencing any problems with blogger. Am completely impressed that after...what? 3 weeks? post, when shopping via taxi, & without the creature comforts of your HHE you are already ENTERTAINING! Wow! I'm miles behind you in the hostessing department.

Just for that, I'm going to go plan a brunch. Or a dinner. Or SOMETHING. Because I simply have no excuse. You've prodded me on to reach out. Thanks for that!


Elaine said... [Reply]

I periodically find myself logged off and have to sign back in. This involves remembering my password. I have finally written it down. (Retiring is not all it's cracked up to be; in the first place, it means you're old.)

Kristen said... [Reply]

Wow, I'd love to see what kind of spread you put on when your HHE arrives, because that dinner sounds pretty good to me!! With about 5 grocery stores in a 3 mile radius and everything at my disposal here in Fairfax, I have absolutely no excuse. I suppose I can't really use the "I just had a baby" line anymore :)

I've loved your last few posts and I'm glad to hear that you guys are getting settled.

Connie said... [Reply]

It's been up and down... even hard to read blogs.

Please. Write your own stuff.