Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Do You Think?

So what do you think? Does this look like 900 pounds to you (minus the furniture, of course)?

Well, we didn't think so either. So we added this:

Now how many pounds do you think it is?

Oh, and here's a view of the living room last night, pre-pack out. Nice, huh?

The movers are here right now, packing up our life. When they finished weighing all of that air freight, it turned out to weigh a whopping 600 pounds. So we grabbed more clothes and toys and books and a few stuffed animals and an entire arts-n-crafts box.

Now - we wait for them to finish.


Jill said... [Reply]

Oh I'm laughing ... not only do we have so many similar things IN our UAB, but we too had to continue to add stuff.

Ours is now done (as we speak) and if you can believe it, we didn't even come close to using our allotted 800 lbs. In fact, even after adding tons and tons (or so it seemed), we came in at 695 lbs.

Best of luck as you continue your packout...

Connie said... [Reply]

We never bothered with air freight as we had never had it arrive prior to our HHE, so why bother?? Well... except for the move to Amman.. when our HHE took months(! - which is not typical, but you know, there always has to be an exception and it was our turn...) and our air freight arrived almost as soon as we did ;D ... almost 800lbs. I'm impressed!

You're almost here!!

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