Sunday, May 23, 2010

UES Track and Field Meet

After we finished up with Aidan's Field Day event on Friday morning, we hopped in the car and headed to the Western Academy of Beijing, which was hosting an intramural track meet for grades 3-5. Most of the area international schools participated, with each sending their top two kids from each grade for each event.

Shay qualified for all four track events: the 60 m, the 60 m hurdles, the 400 m and the 400 m relay, so it was a big day for him.

He didn't place in the 60 m or the hurdles. He placed third overall in the 400m, though, and was thrilled to get a medal. And his team finished in first place in the 400 m relay - they were actually in a distant second, but just before the finish line, the runner for the leading team tripped and dropped the baton. It was heartbreaking for the poor kid, but I was pleased to see his teammates comforting him instead of chewing him out.

I imagine this was just the first of many track meets we'll be attending in years to come.

The kids parade around the track to open the event

Shay on the medal stand

Shay runs the 60 meter dash...

...followed by the hurdles

The baton handoff

The winning relay team


Shannon said... [Reply]

Yay Shay! Way to go!

Kami said... [Reply]

You are constantly making me drool at the prospect of living abroad. We will be applying to international schools in the next few months. My husband is a principal. Beijing and Shanghai are among our top choices. Looks like your kids have enjoyed their experience. Based on the excitement of track meets at least!

佐雅伯漢 said... [Reply]
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Nishant said... [Reply]

Yeah for you losing all that weight. 13 days until the packers arrive for us. Yikes.
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