Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring in Beijing

Yes, folks, spring arrived one day last week. The flowers bloomed, the bees buzzed, the sky was a clear(ish) blue.

And the very next day, summer arrived. Sweaters were exchanged for shorts and t-shirts. We had our first summer thunderstorm. The outdoor pool opened.

Poplar seeds are still floating through the air in thick swarms: apparently nobody told the trees that it's summer already.

Last year one of the ayis swept the poplar seeds off to the side of her employer's yard here in the compound. But there were piles of white fluff: So unkempt! So unsightly! She decided to set the fluff on fire. Almost burnt the house down, apparently. No word on whether she kept her job.

We had piles of poplar seeds in Moscow, too. Must be a communist thing. They planted loads of male poplar trees years ago because boy poplars grow quickly. But no one thought of the fluff they'd be fighting in years to come (it's "pukh" in Russian, but I don't know the English or the Chinese words for the stuff).

It gets in your eyes, it flies up your nose, it jams up your car filters. I read a story last year about someone who was found to have a small poplar tree sprouting in their lungs after breathing a seed in.

I tried to take a picture of the flying pukh on my way home yesterday, before the thunderstorm washed it away. But of course the pictures didn't come out.

So instead, I give you these non-pukh summertime pictures: first of the season.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh my GOSH - look at those adorable little sparkly shoes!

You are so blessed to have both girls *and* boys! You get to enjoy both genders!

I just had to snort at the funny clear(ish) blue skies thing. And I've also heard some funky stories of small seedlings growing in bodily orifices - I think one time I heard about a seedling bush growing in an ear? Crazy stuff...

Your daughters look JUST like you!

Kami said... [Reply]

We are thinking of landung iurselves in Beijing next year to work. It's good to know a playground is a playground. Key selling poit fir the kiddies. Yours are awfully cute by the way!

Kami said... [Reply]

Oy. Should read landing ourselves. Damned autocorrect.

Shannon said... [Reply]

O love looking at those pictures of your kids, all warm and summery. The girls are beautiful!

Spring arrived one day last week here in Frankfurt too, the flowers bloomed, the nasty poplar trees put out fluff, the temps rose into the 70's. But this week winter is back. Oh it looks like spring out there, all green and deceiving, but the temps this morning were in the 30's and the highs only hit the 50's. Sigh I just want to be warm!

Connie said... [Reply]

Oh my! So cute and sunny! I want to put on a tank top and take my kids to a park too! We've had some chilly days here, but the last few have been hitting 80f. Very pleasant. We've definitely had a long Spring here! Someone told me recently that it rarely breaks 100f in Amman during the summer. I had thought it would be much hotter, given the location, but the elevation keeps it cooler. Can't wait to find out. I like hot weather, can handle the really hot, but if summer chooses to drift by in the 80's-90's, you won't find me complaining! :)

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