Monday, May 31, 2010


I’m feeling too scatterbrained to post anything substantive, despite the fact that all sorts of things are happening. So I suppose it’d be easiest to post in a scatterbrained way. Let’s see…

Pre-pack survey was last week. The gentleman from the moving company estimated that we’re underweight. So that’s good. But of course we’re still tossing and culling and rearranging. We have to get all of the air freight into one part of the house, all by itself. Easy enough – except the air freight is generally comprised of the things you use on a daily basis. So – pack the mixer now, or leave it out and risk it getting forgotten during the actual pack out? What about the towels, or the plates? And if I even try to stack kids’ toys out in the open like that, you just know they won’t stay there long. We’ll get a kit full of glasses and sheets and things from the Embassy, but that isn’t scheduled to arrive until Wednesday.

Also, tomorrow I start packing suitcases. Again – this is the stuff we’re still using, but we need to know how much stuff we can bring, and we need it to NOT get shipped in the containers. So into suitcases it goes, two days early.


At dinner a few days ago, I asked the usual question: did anything good happen at school today? Shay leapt to his feet and ran to the closet, where he rummaged through his backpack for awhile. When he came back to the table, he asked “Did Mrs. Mc call you today?” (that’s his teacher). I assured him she didn’t; he assured me he wasn’t in trouble or anything like that. Rather, he was conducting an experiment.

I made a mental note to check his backpack at bedtime, but by then I’d forgotten all about the conversation.

The next morning at breakfast, Shay pulled a baggie from his backpack. Inside was a tooth. “Ha!” he crowed, “I wonder why the tooth fairy didn’t come last night? I guess she didn’t know I’d lost a tooth!” I looked at him. He grinned at me, pleased with the success of his experiment. Aidan looked at both of us and said “I think mom is the tooth fairy.”

I was not pleased. When Shay saw the expression on my face, he answered his brother “well, I don’t think mom is the tooth fairy.” Crisis averted. If Shay says mom isn’t the tooth fairy, well, then, it must be true.


Last night at bedtime, Aidan said “mom, I heard there isn’t any water in Jordan.”

“Well,” I answered thoughtfully, “I suppose that’s sort of true. There isn’t much water in Jordan.”

He promptly burst into tears. “How will we live without water?” he wailed, and I rushed to assure him that there would be enough water to wash and drink and play, but that the country itself might seem a bit brown and sandy. “I hate sand,” he told me. Do you think maybe he doesn’t want to move?

He calmed down after awhile, but it took a lot of explaining and soothing to get him there. When he was finally ready to stop crying, he heaved a big sigh, gave a snorty sniffle and asked “are there any bees in Jordan?”

No, I reassured him, there are absolutely no bees in Jordan. None whatsoever.


More to come, but that’s all the words I’m capable of typing at this late hour. Like I said: scatterbrained.


A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]

Aw, Donna, what sweet stories. You're such a good storyteller!

Much, much luck with packout.

It's amazing to me that you, Jen, Jill, and Stephanie are all leaving (where you are, respectively) at the same time. Crazy!

Please. Write your own stuff.