Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lose 30 Pounds in Just One Day!

I mailed some boxes of stuff to the States. I dropped off a pile of books at the Embassy lending library. And I shredded insane amounts of paperwork from my files.

(I also put some more kids' toys in the trash/donate piles, but ssshhhhh - don't tell the kids.)

All told, I got rid of about 30 pounds of stuff.

To celebrate, I went to Fatburger and ate about 5 pounds worth of good old American junk food. So, while I may not have gotten lighter, my household effects did. And that's good. Packout starts one week from tomorrow. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go clutter-free. Okay, it's a once every 2-3 years opportunity, but it feels as though it's taking a lifetime, so there's that.

After my productive morning, I came home and told the girls to get their swimsuits, because we were going to the pool to celebrate.

I hate the pool. Hate it. But Kyra loves it, and I decided it was time to earn my mother-of-the-year award. So we got dressed and ready to go. The girls cheered. I ran into the garage to grab some goggles and toys, and that's when it happened.

Splat. I heard a squishy sound on the floor directly behind me, and when I turned around, I discovered that a chunk of the garage ceiling had fallen directly behind me. Worse, it was pouring down water. And I could see a water stain spreading and bubbling across the ceiling.

We didn't go to the pool. The pool came to us!

Actually, we spent the afternoon watching workers try to stop the leak. They were here for over two hours before telling me, in Chinese, that the blah-blah was definitely blah-blahed and they'd come back tomorrow morning to blank the blank. I asked if it was the air conditioning unit. Yes, they confirmed, the AC was broken. Can we still use it? I asked. Yes, they replied, just don't blank the blank until we blankity-blank. Ummmm... okay, thanks! I think.

I went out to the sunroom where Kyra was watching TV to tell her we could go to the pool now. But she was fast asleep. So here I am in my blankity-blank swimsuit, waiting for her to wake up and whine that she wanted to go to the blank-blank pool.

Blank it. There's always tomorrow. Maybe I can lose another 10 pounds by then.


Shannon said... [Reply]

Well crap a leaky a/c isn't what you need right now. Yeah for you losing all that weight. 13 days until the packers arrive for us. Yikes.

Taking a note form your book and treating myself to a yummy lunch for all the work I have done so far today.

hannah said... [Reply]

Wow, if you get rid of six pounds of stuff for every pound of junk food you eat, you can get your HHE shipment down to zero pounds if you eat 1200 pounds of candy! My logic is IMPECCABLE.

...and it sounds like you'll need about that much junk food to make up for that kind of a day! Hope the pool stays away tomorrow.

A Daring Adventure said... [Reply]

Donna, blogging literary masterpiece.

hannah, LOVE IT.

Shannon, sorry you're in the depths of hades.

All three of y'all are totally in the thick of it! Now we just need Jen D and Jill to comment and the gang will be all here! (I think. Am I missing anyone?)

Digger said... [Reply]

Me...feeling unloved...

Donna said... [Reply]

Ah, Digger, I'm sure ADL didn't mean to leave you out. She's over there at the Oakwood taking pictures of the drinking glasses, after all, so it's pretty clear she's lost her mind.

And Hannah, I made a big batch of cookies last night: not only did I use up some flour and sugar (heavy stuff), but if I eat the whole batch, well, that should allow me to throw away six pounds of stuff, right? I'm going to test your theory (or die trying...)

Bfiles said... [Reply]

is the burger place really named Fatburger? that's awesome. sorry about the mess. :(

Jill said... [Reply]

I'd do just about anything to lighten my load right about now...

Praying that we're under... crossing some serious fingers and toes!

And you hate the pool? Really? With your figure? Crazy lady. You should be flaunting your hot stuff!

Hope everything got fixed... doesn't it figure that stuff happens right before you pack out? Ugh...

Nishant said... [Reply]

it sounds like you'll need about that much junk food to make up for that kind of a day
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