Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend Math

Four kids. Two parents. One car.

One kid has basketball at school from 8-10. Two kids have ice skating at the skating rink from 9-10. (Unless their mom forgets and thinks it starts at 8:30.)

One Easter party starts at the Embassy at 10:30. All stop at Starbucks first, to buy 1 mocha, 1 frappucino and 2 kids’ cocoas, split into 3 cups. 100 RMB for all of that.

Kids 8 and under can participate in the Embassy Easter egg hunt. One kid is over 8, but too young to stay at home. Kids under 2 look for eggs inside the circle. We have 1 of those. Kids older than 2 look for eggs outside the circle. We have 2 of those. All kids are supposed stop when they find 10 eggs. One kid is so excited, she stops after finding 2 eggs. Three kids never stop looking for 1 golden egg.

On to Kros Nest with 2 other families, for pizza. Too many kids to count. No leftovers. Home by 3, after a quick stop at the store when we realize we have 1 wet baby and 0 diapers.

Church starts at 5. Get 4 kids ready. Tell them dinner will be after church, at which there will be approximately 10,000 readings, because it’s the Easter vigil mass.

Five goats nibbling grass on the lawn outside the church. Which reminds me: 1 dog is at home with no food or water. Every churchgoer lights a candle during mass. Two kids refuse to blow their candles out. (One kid is still too young to get a candle. This kid is not happy with this decision, until she is presented with 2 lollipops instead.)

One frazzled mom spends half of the service (approximately ten hundred minutes) in the car with 2 kids, watching 5 goats and playing 1 song, over and over and over, on the radio.

Don’t worry: there won’t be a quiz. There’s no right answer here, really.


Shannon said... [Reply]

OK I'm exhausted! Whew what a day you had.

Ambrose said... [Reply]

Well, Happy Easter nonetheless!

Jill said... [Reply]

Oye lady... I'm shaking my head here because I completely feel your pain.

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