Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love is in the Air

Spring must be just around the corner. And no: I am not referring to the lovely scent wafting from the sewer grates in Pinnacle Plaza. I'm talking about the birds and the bees.

It seems Aidan has acquired not just one, but two new girlfriends. He's not much of a talker, but from the limited amount of information he's let slip, I've been able to determine who they are. They're both cute little blonde girls - one from Sweden and the other from Switzerland (gotta love those international schools!). It's not quite clear if this love is requited. At least, it wasn't clear until a few moments ago, when I realized he hadn't taken his lunch box out of his backpack. I went to retrieve it, and what do you suppose I found in there?

That's right. You're looking at a stash of carefully designed love letters, first-grade style. One particularly caught my eye:

Let's open it up, shall we?

Shay had his first girlfriend in pre-school, but I don't remember any love letters passing hands. They just made plans to get married and have kids. No big deal.

But this? This love letter took some serious time to draw. So tell it to me straight, readers: Isn't it a little early for this? Those Swedes start young, I guess. Or the Swiss. I'm not really sure who drew this one.


Momcat said... [Reply]

Momma get your gun! Those Swedish and Swiss girlies are after your boy. Very artistic drawing I must admit. No wonder he's keeping them!

Connie said... [Reply]

Aww! How sweet. And good drawings! So far my daughter hasn't been proposed to this year... I think she's forgotten all about her preK and Kg fiancees though. Most of the boys in her 1st grade are not of interest to her (too rowdy), but she's had girl friends fighting over her.. I've seen notes about jealousy). Kids! What next??

The Blonde Duck said... [Reply]

Popped in from SITS to say hi! That's so cute!! I never had a little boyfriend that young, but my sister did!

Snuggly Monkey mama said... [Reply]

Came over from SITS to have a look around - That is just too cute. I am impressed with the quality of the drawing though :)

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