Monday, March 8, 2010

Look Who's Here

Everybody who is anybody comes to Beijing eventually. Today it was former Secretary of State Colin Powell's turn. He dropped in to the Embassy and gave a short speech for the employees - it was actually the best speech I've heard in a long while. He's funny, personable, smart - and it didn't hurt that he made a point of singling out the spouses and children of Foreign Service personnel, all of whom sacrifice so much so that our family members can serve our country overseas.

I'm about as far from a Republican as you can get, but I've always really admired this man, despite our different political affiliations. And in fact, today he touched on the fact that we're a "partisan nation." Our founding fathers argued with one another, he noted, and we're still arguing today, but in the end, we manage to work together. We all have to compromise a little - and sometimes a lot - to move our nation forward.

He stuck around for quite some time afterwards to shake hands. Bart and I both got to shake his hand, but alas, no pictures of that: we couldn't exactly hold the camera up and shake hands at the same time.

Still - what an honor.


LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

What an exciting day to be in Beijing! I think what makes Colin Powell so acceptable to so many is that he just seems personable and classy. Of all the visitors that could have stopped by I'd say you lucked out!

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