Friday, February 12, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Xin Nian Kuai Le! The Year of the Tiger is about to begin, and all over my neighborhood the fireworks stands are setting up. It should prove to be a week of non-stop no-sleep fireworks excitement. It's especially fun because our poor old dog loses control of his bowels every time a firework goes off. For the next two weeks, any time my husband complains that the house is a "Sh%t Sty," I'll have to agree.

Fireworks are banned inside our compound, technically, but not in the neighboring one, which is one street over. Last year, they put on several shows throughout the week. Huge fireworks displays, the kinds you'd need a license to run back home, just a couple of houses over. Hopefully nothing gets burnt down this year. Shanghaiist had some amazing pictures of the building that was destroyed last year, not far down the road from our Embassy, because of an illegal fireworks display.

The boys have a full week off of school - they'll be barrelling in the door any minute now. And Kyra has two weeks off. Ayi is gone for a week and a half. So - no work for me. That is - no paid work. You SAHMs know how it is.

The rest of this post will be a "grandparent post:" that is, it'll likely be of no interest to anyone but the grandparents. So, if you're not related to one of my kids, spare yourself the details and click over to a more interesting blog, okay? I won't be offended.

Aidan lost tooth #2 this week. His teacher helped him pull it out, because she was concerned that he'd lose it in his sandwich again. So he came home with a tooth necklace aroud his neck, thrilled to bits. He looked a little like a gap-toothed Superman when he came through the door, unzipped his jacket and thrust out his tooth-necklaced chest, hands on hips.

Shay is planning a week-long sleepover with his friend Jack, to coincide with this week off of school. Not sure if Jack's parents are aware that Shay's about to appear on their doorstep, rolling suitcase in hand. Personally, I'm all for it.

Kyra had a dumpling-making party at school today. I missed most of it because I was running around with Ainsley trying to finish up errands on this, my first day off. Also, Ainsley is sick, as am I, so I figured it might be better to stay away from the other kids.

It was an interesting week at work and I so wish I could blog about it. Someday, when I write my book...

That's it for now. I'm sick and semi-exhausted and I'm trying to strain the chicken broth before the boys get home and discover my secret ingredient (yes, that'd be the chicken - how else can you make such good soup? Shhh...). Also, I just started a great book. And since I've finished every errand with which I tasked myself, AND submitted 2 queries and an article as well, I think I've earned some quality time on the couch with that book. (Richard Russo's That Old Cape Magic, in case you're wondering.)

So Happy New Year. I'll check back in again when my thoughts are more coherent.


Raymonde said... [Reply]

I am kind of envious, I would love to see the Chinese New Year celebrations, actually in China.
About the dog, here the vets give them some kind of calming tablets, maybe yours would benefit from it. Just a suggestion. Poor doggy.
Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours!
Blessings. xxx

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Richard Russo is absolutely one of my most favorite authors EVER. When I saw that he had put out That Old Cape Magic (a new Russo book! It's like Christmas!), I was thrilled!

I finished That Old Cape Magic a month or so ago. It had a much different voice, to me, than Bridge of Sighs or Empire Falls (how does it get better than Empire Falls?).

I really did like, in That Old Cape Magic, the main character's continuous dialogue with himself in italics. That was new to Russo and I thought it was very witty!

Enjoy! And I hope you don't have to clean up *much* dog mess...

Connie said... [Reply]

I know it's common for westerners to believe the Chinese new year is the same as our calendar... I blame the 'find your horoscope' placemats at US Chinese restaurants... my son was thrilled to find out his horoscope was not as the placemats claimed, the Snake, but instead, he was born before the New Year, during the year of the Dragon. Good luck with your dog, perhaps he'll learn? It took a couple of years for our old cats to learn about Halloween, then, instead of hiding, they would run to the door to greet all the monsters. oh... nevermind, you said 'old dog'... sigh, prob. not. Poor guy. (poor you :( !)

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