Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sad News From Haiti

Just dropping in to report that I heard through Diplopundit that an entire foreign service family was lost in Haiti. State Department employee Andrew Wyllie lost his wife (on her birthday) and his two sons, aged 7 and 5, in the quake. This in addition to foreign service officer Victoria DeLong, who died in her home that day.

Unknown numbers of people have died in Haiti, I know. But I'm thinking especially hard of the Wyllie family because, well, they could've been any foreign service family. You move to a post, and you accept that you are taking on many risks. There are all sorts of ways you can die in a foreign country - car accidents take a lot of foreign service members, for example, and these accidents would often have been survivable in a place where better medical care was available.

This family moved to Haiti knowing it would be hard, knowing they would hate some aspects of the place, knowing they would face all manner of unknown health and safety risks. They went, though, to serve the U.S. in a hard place. This wife agreed to pack up and move her whole family because of her husband's job. That's a big, scary decision, for all of us spouses, and I really hope she was happy with the life she was building for her family in Haiti before she died.

My prayers go out to the family.


fsowannabe said... [Reply]

That is just terrible news. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and all the other survivors in Haiti.

Linsey said... [Reply]

Thank you for sharing this. So very tragic.

Connie said... [Reply]
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Connie said... [Reply]

(sorry - can't type)
There are many things that we take for granted back home that are not available at some posts, not only the lack of basic medical care, like you mention, but also, for example, building standards that meet some sort of safety standards. Of course, there are safety issues we face no matter where we live. I returned to the US from SE Asia at one point and everyone seemed to think I should be relieved to be home.. this was the time of the DC sniper. The answer was no. The difference is, crisis is tough anywhere, but more so when you are not 'at home', and yet so many families, not just Americans, leave the comfort of home to work abroad. It can be very rewarding. There can also be very tragic moments. I agree with you, I hope that this family had had the time to fall in love with their expat home, before they lost their lives. They have my prayers too.

Corners said... [Reply]

That is really a sad and tragic news. I cannot help but think about the family they left, how sad it must have been to lose someone when they are far away. And I too agree in the hope they were able to find a second home in Haiti and lived happily before they passed away.

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