Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

On the plus side, when they don't have any plows and the weather refuses to warm up, a single decent snow fall can stick around for over a week, providing loads of entertainment.

Shay went to Jack's for a sleepover, so he's not around. This morning I sent Aidan and Kyra into the front yard to dig for awhile. You can see there's still lots of snow piled everywhere. In fact, I took the first picture from inside the snow fort the kids built in the front yard. You can see Kyra off in the distance, digging up the neighbor's yard.

And what did Ainsley think of the morning's fun? Well, she was less than happy at being left behind.


Connie said... [Reply]

Snow! I want to come over and play!

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