Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm tired. Really, really tired. I guess that's what happens when you age.

That's right - I just celebrated my birthday. My husband took me and the kids out for brunch at Chef Too. (except he had a work emergency, so technically I got everyone ready and met him there.) We had a great meal, and Chef Billy brought out a big ole slice of cake afterwards. Check out that cake - can you see why the kids like it there?

He also gave me some Tibetan jewelry (my husband did - not Chef Billy). And then he watched the kids for THREE WHOLE HOURS while I went to the Spa for a deluxe manicure and a hot stone massage. I knew there was a reason I married that man.

The kids are home for the holidays, but I'm still working (my poor ayi!). So I don't have much free blogging time. I thought I'd link you to an old article of mine, about believing in Santa Claus, just in case you're looking for something to read. Enjoy!


carol said... [Reply]

Happy birthday, looks like a great day. Glad it was your husband and not the chef who bought you jewelery that would have been a little awkward. Don't think I spelled that right.

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