Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Audience is Dying to Know...

... will our heroine ever blog again???

Yeah, just probably not this week.

I've been working, see, and the kids are home, and there are gifts to be wrapped and Christmas morning coffee cakes to be baked and I just realized that I forgot to pick up one of my gifts for my husband and we have 2 parties to go to tomorrow and between the 2 parties we have an hour to spend in our so-secret-we-don't-even-turn-on-the-heater church in celebration of Christmas, which is, for some unexplicable reason, barrelling at me faster than I can run.

But no, for those of you who are wondering, we haven't gotten an assignment yet. Though my faithful readers have guessed that we were considering a bid on Nairobi (if I gave out prizes, Leesonthego would be our winner!). For now, we're leaving the list alone and waiting for someone, anyone, to call us and tell us why every other bureau within the State Department has managed to make assignments except ours.

And yes, if you're wanting to know, it's bitter cold here and smoky-aired and we're all coughing. Plus which, we're enduring hour after hour of truly awful Chinese Christmas carols, played at super-high volume, everywhere we go. Also, there's some strange vomit virus running through town, and two of my kids have already fallen victim (possibly three, if you count Kyra's vomit the day we went to meet Santa. She may have been Patient X).

But I digress. The point of this post is, I don't have time to post right now. I do have a nice article to link you to, from this month's beijingkids: this one is about my son's fantabulous P.E.teacher. Read it, love it, stumble it, digg it.

For those of you who celebrate, I wish you the happiest Christmas ever. May Santa bring you a pink skateboard, or whatever it is you most wish for. And may your church have central heating.


Z. Marie said... [Reply]

Our RSO in Port of Spain supposedly once was assigned a job and was supposed to report less than a week later. That story makes a lot more sense to me now!

Shannon said... [Reply]

I hope you get an assignment for Christmas! That would be nice. We had the stomach thing at our house last week. It was awful. Everyone is over it, except me, I have a lingering stomach ache and food looks and smells terrible and of course I am stuck in the kitchen for hours.

Anonymous said... [Reply]


Jessica said... [Reply]

Merry Christmas, Donna!

mimi said... [Reply]

Hey, I am reading your blog from Alabama, USA. I used to follow your blog religiously, but then I got on Facebook and started playing Farmtown and well I just have been useless. Anyway, I thank you and your family for choosing the military as a career. I pray for you, and thank you for allowing me to follow your blog that is meant mainly for family. I intend to catch up with it in the next weeks. And want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Alabama. again Thank You for choosing to protect me and my loved ones. God Bless your family.

LeesOnTheGo said... [Reply]

Keeping fingers crossed for your family to hear some good news about your next post BEFORE the New Year!

Connie said... [Reply]

Well, I didn't get the pink skateboard, but that's probably healthiest ;-D We did have a very lovely, quiet, relaxing and play-filled time at home. Merry Christmas!!

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