Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marine Ball 2009

Last night we went to the China World Hotel for the Marine Ball. This year, it was a lot of fun - I never like it the first year at post because I don't know anyone, but by the end of our tour, it's loads of fun getting dressed up and hanging out with friends for the evening. Jessie the tailor made me a Chinese dress, and for the first time ever, I decided to go get my hair done rather than doing it myself. No joke - there were SIX people working on my hair, using hair dryers and hot rollers and pins and spray. If only I could keep it that way, but alas - the Ball was yesterday, and today I'm a pumpkin again.

It's fun to get all decked out once a year. They always have fancy appetizers, and I always embarrass myself grabbing everything that comes my way. For dinner I had this tasty, if somewhat undercooked, beef with red onion marmalade. The dessert looked delicious, but I got up to take some photos, and when I got back to my table, they'd confiscated my dessert. Drats. I managed to get my hands on some truffles, though, so all was not lost.

I'm not going to post a ton of photos, because technically, I didn't ask my friends for permission. But here are just a few (ssshh, don't tell - I don't think they read my blog, so they'll never know if you don't tell them). If you and I are facebook friends, you'll find more pictures over there.


Ambrose said... [Reply]

You look fabulous! Way to rock the qipao!

Connie said... [Reply]

Glad to hear you had a lovely time, and you do look fabulous!

Isabelle Yemenijian said... [Reply]


Isabelle Yemenijian said... [Reply]


Please. Write your own stuff.