Sunday, November 15, 2009

Girl Genius

Little Ainsley turned one-and-a-half last week, a milestone that has thus far gone unmentioned in this blog.

One-and-a-half is such a fun age: they're curious and excited and stubborn and oh-so-busy. Ainsley gives kisses now. She bites and hits too, but the kisses make up for all of that. When we turn on the music, she dances and spins in circles. She talks now - in Chinese and English. She says "bao" in Chinese when she wants to be picked up. But she says "cheese" in English when she's hungry. She's starting to string together words: "milk please," "my daddy" and "no mommy."

And today? Today she peed on the potty! She's been all excited about the potty this past week, and has been having a great time sitting on it. Now, naked potty sitting isn't the best activity from my perspective, because a naked baby never actually pees in the potty. There's a lot to clean up before you see any tangible rewards. For example, there was that pair of my high heels that she was wearing when she had to pee last week. Not good.

But today, she sat down and produced! Girl genius, I tell you. We did the traditional potty dance, and then I gave her a chocolate chip. Her eyes widened with astonishment when she ate it, and she spent the next 15 minutes in the kitchen, pointing at the cabinet and screeching "more! more!"

Now, I know enough not to get my hopes up too high. After all, Aidan did the same thing at 18 months. He mastered the potty quickly, and then reverted back to diapers, where he happily remained until he turned 3. But I do think it would be just lovely if we could move beyond the diaper stage for the first time in 10 years.

And with that, I must go get ready for tomorrow. I'm starting back up at the Embassy, though I'm not quite sure what I'll be working on yet. I picked a bad day to start - I'm pretty sure everyone will be crazybusy dealing with the upcoming Presidential visit. I'm an Obama widow right now - haven't seen my husband in forever. And when I do see him, he has a phone glued to his ear. Still, it's kind of exciting. I'm an Obama fan, and I'm hoping I'll get to see him. I'll keep you posted on that front. For now, I'm off in search of some decent work clothes.


Betsy said... [Reply]

Definitely a genius! I remember doing the potty dance. :-)

Jessica said... [Reply]

Just don't wear the pee heels.

Connie said... [Reply]

18mos is such a fun age! And yay for the potty dance :D

Jen said... [Reply]

Just found your blog through another (well, several) FS blogs. I have a 20 month old, and cannot wait for potty training to be complete!

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