Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because You're Certainly Wondering

Several of you have emailed, asking how Xiao Tong is doing now. Well, she got out of the hospital last Friday. She went for a follow-up visit and the doctor found no problems. She gets her stitches out tomorrow. So when, you ask, might she be coming back to work?

I talked to her yesterday, and she said she "thinks" she can come back in November.

November. She thinks.


I have the best ayi in all of Beijing, truly I do. And I know she went through a pretty traumatic accident. But - November? Really? This is my first run-in with the Chinese way of handling these situations. Americans would mostly be back at work quickly, headache or no. We accrue sick days, and we don't want to use them all at once. Chinese? Not so much.

So we'll see. I'm trying very hard to maintain a sympathetic attitude. But it is a bit difficult, especially as my mother only has one more week in Beijing, and not having someone here to watch the girls makes it difficult to really get out and do the things she wants to do.

We're managing though. We've been to the Silk Market, the Pearl Market and a few smaller shops. Last weekend, we took the whole family to brunch and then for a stroll through Chaoyang Park - it's a beautiful park near the Embassy, though there was a nasty dust storm that day, so we didn't stay long. Bart is going to come home early on Thursday so I can take my mom to the Forbidden City - not a kid-friendly venue. And then we'll plan something for the weekend.

Tomorrow will be crazy busy: Kyra to school, catching up on groceries, Shay's school for a Chinese presentation, possible doctor's appointment, kids' ASAs and a Halloween party at the neighbors. Not exactly a dream day for a tourist, but it all has to get done.

All without Xiao Tong.


Ambrose said... [Reply]

The good news is that November isn't too far off. Try to keep thinking about it that way.

Do you have a GPS? I can give you the coordinates of those places we've been.

Connie said... [Reply]

It's hard to do without help! People back home look at me like I'm a spoiled brat when I mention the difficulty of not having a nanny/housekeeper, but honestly, we move too much to have the family/social support networks so many take for granted! The demands we face are different - family, work, household chores, shopping, traffic, etc., even the physical reality of the type of structures we live in! - and the help we get from our local household staff is vital! I hope Xiao Tong is feeling better soon - for her sake, of course(!) - but also to give you back your support.

Donna said... [Reply]

Thanks guys. I know November isn't far off. If she does come back at the beginning of November, it means she'll have only missed 3 weeks of work (plus the week and a half prior for a holiday). I'm worried because she was a bit vague on the phone, so I'm hoping it doesn't stretch into mid-November, and late-November, and so on. If and when she does come back, though, I'll have to get her a bike helmet, for sure.

Jill said... [Reply]

Oh Donna - I've been following along with this story of your ayi - and holy cow, do you deserve a couple of cocktails for all you went through with her!

Best of luck during your ayi-less time... doesn't it always happen when you have company... or the kids are out of school?

Sending sanity from an insane place...

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