Friday, October 30, 2009

Bad Day, Good Day

Yesterday was a disaster of a day, primarily because I invited myself along to join some friends who were going out, only to discover they weren't going where I thought they were or where I wanted to be. I was wearing rather uncomfortable heels - part of an effort to look decent in the morning because I was going to a parent meeting at the school. I spent the morning learning math - the 4th grade teachers taught us all how to add and multiply the "Everyday Math" way - and I figured I might seem like an idiot when I screwed up the answer to 4x9, but at least my feet would be looking good.

Big mistake. After the meeting, my friends picked me up for what I thought would be a spa trip or lunch somewhere fun. Turns out they changed their minds and decided to go shopping downtown instead. I had not enough money to purchase anything, and no great desire to acquire, though I did buy a bunch of inexpensive holiday candles and a big box of wrapping paper, just because. But I mostly just followed them around making snide remarks til they tired of me. Then we all drove back toward home, and they decided to get manicures on the way. I didn't have any money left, but didn't want to say anything, so I waited with them while they got their manicures. Eventually it became apparent that they wouldn't be finished in time to get me home to pick up my car and head back to the school for the big 1st grade musical performance. So I left them there, hoisted my bag o candles and my gigantic box of paper, and I started hiking home, heels and all.

It was only a 15-minute walk, but by the time I got back my left foot was screaming in pain and my right foot was numb. I had not quite enough time to drop the candles and paper, grab the keys and head back to the school. No time at all to change my shoes. Naturally, the performance was in the theater at the far end of the school from the parking lot. I limped along as quickly as I could, but I was a few minutes late, which meant I had to stand the entire hour. I was almost in tears by then.

The other moms in the audience probably thought I was just the emotional type, tearing up when I saw my son had his own solo in the performance. That's right: he was the moon in the song about the cycles of the earth. So he had to walk around two kids who were supposed to be the earth. They in turn walked around four kids dressed in yellow to represent the sun. Behind this amazing display of choreographic brilliance, the rest of the first graders sang a song to the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." The lyrics were something like "The earth revolves around the sun, hurrah, hurrah. It takes 365 days hurrah, hurrah." And there I was, crying and bleeding from the toenails and looking like a crazy lady, who by the way, did you notice she can't answer 6x8? I saw her looking all dazed and confused in the math seminar this morning, too.

But okay. Given the craziness that was my yesterday, I decided to lay low today and nurse my wounded arches back to health. I didn't have a car today, anyway: Some random Chinese man picked it up this morning and drove it away for its annual inspection, leaving me to wonder vaguely whether my insurance would cover it if he crashed on the expressway.

I rode my bike to Kyra's new school for their Halloween party. (Have I even mentioned yet that she's going to school part-time now? I'm so far behind on my stories. Well, she is, three days a week, three hours a day, because I found a school that took pity on me and worked out a part-time flexible payment arangement. But I digress.) I was fabulously late, as I'd already scheduled and rescheduled a haircut, and I was determined not to miss it this time. So my hair looked good when I walked in almost an hour late. I'm a horrible mother, aren't I?

I arrived just in time for the pumpkin decorating craft. I am a horribly uncrafty person, so the glue sticks and pompoms were too much for me. But we tried, Kyra and I, and you'll see that our pumpkin doesn't look half bad (front row center in the photo). Kyra was just thrilled to be dressed in her Belle costume - isn't she cute?

After the party, we rode home. Kyra ate lunch and took a long nap. I sent Xiao Tong home super early and Ainsley and I crashed on the couch. She read a book, ate pretzels and bopped me on the head. I read my book, ate her pretzels, and played an occasional round of peek-a-boo. We spent an hour thus engaged, my sad blistered feet up on the coffee table. It rained outside, but inside all was calm. For a few minutes, anyway. Soon enough, the boys came home from school, Kyra awoke and it was time to get ready for dinner.

But I'd already made dinner, the night before, in a brief burst of energy. So even dinner was relatively low key for once.

All in all: a good day. Even if I was constantly humming "the moon revolves around the earth, hurrah, hurrah."


Shannon said... [Reply]

OK I feel sorry for and a lot less sorry for myself trying to get cookies made costumes made, kids (and cookies) to school with costumes. At least I did it all in flats. Hope your feet are better soon.

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