Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Porcine News

The pigs are overrunning the school, with new cases of H1N1 cropping up daily. So far they've shut down the entire 8th grade and one section of 6th. Those students are all participating in virtual classrooms from home. Or, to more liberally paraphrase the notice sent home by the school, those students are spending more quality time driving their parents absolutely insane. Because, really, what kid wants to be home from school when he feels perfectly fine but is told he can't leave the house unless he wants to end up locked in a Chinese hospital?

Here at my house, we are battling this plague with a renewed commitment to hand washing. For example, instead of ignoring it when the kids come to the dinner table without washing their hands, I now forget to notice entirely, until one of them (a) grabs food off of someone else's plate with grubby hands or (b) sneezes ferociously. At that point, I shout "hey! wash your hands, all of you! do you want to get the pig flu and grow a snout?" and they mumble and groan and drag their feet all the way to the bathroom, where they are likely not using soap, anyway.

Perhaps, you're thinking, I am not taking the threat of H1N1 seriously enough? How wrong you are. I fear the swine flu. I fear the virtual classroom. I fear it's all coming our way shortly.

I'll keep you posted.


Jill said... [Reply]

I'm laughing here about the hand washing because my girls know that they're not allowed to sit down until I smell their hands (I know that sounds gross). I learned a few years ago that unless I can smell the soap from the bathroom, that they LIE... they really didn't wash.

Now it's a game to see whose hands smell better... and they get to pick out the scent when we go to the store.

Connie said... [Reply]

I sure hope you all stay healthy and NOT quarantined! Yep.. what is it with not wanting to wash hands?? :D I check fingernails too!

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