Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny Chinese Toys

Oh, there's so much that needs updating. But it was a long weekend of slumber parties and cakes and new bicycles and fights and I'm just not ready to re-live it in detail yet.

I did, however, spend a sizeable amount of time in toy stores this week. And I am here to report that there are some wacky toys being made in China these days. I did not have the courage to snap a picture of the obscene pencil sharpener in the toy store down the street. But let your imaginations run wild, folks, and I can almost guarantee you're getting close to imagining.

I did manage to snap shots of a few other toys. I used my phone, so the pictures aren't great. But here's one for you: it's a fake Lego set, marketed for girls. Do you see anything wrong with the picture? No?

Here's a close-up, to help you out. Now do you see it?

That's right. The girl on the balcony of the little sun porch is apparently getting ready to shoot the happy little parrot perched in her tree. That is one messed up set of Legos.

I had some other funny ones, but I'm too lazy to download them right now.

And speaking of lazy.... What's that quote? "Laziness is the mother of invention," or something similar. And that's how I came up with the theme for Aidan's slumber party: DIY.

That's right. They decorated their own cakes. Then we walked to a nearby restaurant they made their own pizzas. Instead of goody bags, which I loathe, they each got a t-shirt and some markers. That activity was quite a hit, except that I couldn't get one of the glitter paint pens to work. I squeezed, and I squeezed, and I squeezed some more, until POP! The pen exploded all over me and Aidan. So I guess you could say I decorated my own shirt, too. And my jeans. And my floor. All covered in gold glitter. Fancy.

I'll try to download more pictures later on, but I think I'm done for the night. Because if you've ever had a slumber party, you know there is little to no slumbering going on. And tonight, I'm hoping to make up for that with some quality pillow time.


Connie said... [Reply]

I didn't notice the parrot until you pointed it out - my first instinct was this was Dora the Explorer grown up to be Dora the Columbian Drug Lord (lady) with armed guards at her tropical villa. I once missed a chance to buy a Superman action figure, riding a horse, wearing a mask, and swinging a sword Zorro-style... what was I thinking when I walked past that without grabbing it up?? ;-D Good idea for party favors, btw.

Jill said... [Reply]

I didn't have an e-mail address for you - so I thought I'd just come here to say Congrats to your hubby on his promotion!

Mine is out of town, but sent me the list - very few names on it this year (though thankfully he made it too!)

Looks like your bid list may change... what fun! :)

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