Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on Bidding

Over at Life After Jerusalem, Digger wrote a good explanation of the bidding process. Makes much more sense than the convoluted explanation I keep giving my relatives. So go read it if you want to know more.

I'm still plowing through post reports. Okay, not quite true. I took a break from that today to daydream about a possible winter holiday on a beach in Vietnam. Found a beach, found a resort - now I just have to dream up a way to fund this imaginary trip (no more R&R travel left for us this tour). I think it's back to work for me in September.

Hey, all these dreams: dreaming of a beach holiday... dreaming of a great next assignment... why shouldn't I be dreaming? The air quality in Beijing today was obscenely bad. It was over 200 on the scale I told you about awhile back. So I mostly stayed inside and dreamt of fresh air.

Tomorrow's a school day. I'll be spending my free time driving around town in search of a blender to replace the one I shattered last week. And I'll be prepping for a little gathering I've organized in my house Tuesday morning. At last count, about 35 people have been invited over for a tea party of sorts. Don't know how many will actually show up. Gonna be busy.



Jessica said... [Reply]

Dreaming of fresh air ....

I know what that is like. My first morning back in the states I went for a walk around the neighborhood in McLean and I got a little teary eyed just breathing in the smell of the air, sans diesel and exhaust.

Two more days and we're back at post. Hard to believe a month can fly by so quickly!

MaryjoO said... [Reply]

Donna Dahling: I am in the CA Sierra, hubby is in Sofia. We talk via Google voice, or Skype or constantly IM each other while we are at the computer. He just told me to look at your blog .... because you need a blender.

LOL I spent a WEEK in the US looking for a decent blender. Who knew our good old Warings aren't available anymore. KitchenAid and Cuisinart got bad reviews, and I wanted a glass pitcher -- the polywhatever scratch easily, and can be hard to clean if you don't get the orange pulp out. Anyway, ended up with an Oster, which I am very happy with. But when we were in Armenia I had to get a crappy one for the house -- plastic base, wobbly, etc -- good luck!!

Jill said... [Reply]

Oh I so don't envy you right now... the thought of going through the stress of bidding, a** kissing, begging for jobs you don't really want, but will take so you can stay out...

Good luck!! And if you come my way - at least I hear that Delhi is relatively "modern" compared to where we live down south!

Shannon said... [Reply]

BIdding truly sucks! We have already submitted our bids and are now on the wait wait and wait some more cycle while I fend off almost daily e-mails from home asking where are we going next. I actually prefer the research part of bidding at least I am doing something.

Good luck on the vacation to Vietnam. I to am dreaming of the beach but since I am stuck in Germany that just isn't going to happen.

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