Friday, August 7, 2009

Mail Call

After 2 years of buying nothing that couldn't be shipped through amazon or, I went a little crazy back home. I think I went to Target 4 or 5 times (my mom was laughing at me because I was overwhelmed at the wide selection of kids' bandages and I had to come back another day to choose). I went to Old Navy. Macys. Costco. The health food store. Bath and Body Works. Joanne's Fabrics. And so on...

My proudest purchase? I bought 3 of those gigantic 72-oz bags of chocolate chips at Costco. We bake a lot, and thus go through chocolate chips at the rate of a bag a week - at 5 dollars for an 18-oz bag in Beijing, it gets pretty pricey. For the low, low price of $11.95, the U.S. Postal Service shipped that box of chips to me here.

The box o chips was waiting for us when we arrived, and I was ecstatic. Oh, the cookies! The fudge! The chocolate chip pumpkin bread that awaits us! I immediately set to work making chocolate chip cookies. (Hey, it was 3 a.m. and I was wide awake. Why not be wide awake and munching on warm cookies?)

I opened the box and found that apparently the U.S. Postal Service had decided to bake those cookies for me. All 3 bags of chips were melted and fused together into bricks of chocolate. I whacked the bags on the counter. I hit them with heavy objects. I finally resorted to running one bag through the food processor. It is now a 72-oz bag of chocolate dust.

I am not happy. Bad, bad U.S. Postal Service. They must've had those boxes sitting on a tarmac somewhere for an entire day.

Whatever. Chocolate dust is better than regular dust, and so I made chocolate dust brownies instead. And here I am for the second night in a row, awake at an ungodly hour in the middle of the night. Eating homemade chocolate dust cookie brownie things.

On balance, I'd have to say: life is good.


Z. Marie said... [Reply]

I sent chocolate chips in our UAB to Port of Spain and was shocked when they didn't arrive in brick form. I think I got lucky.

globalgal said... [Reply]

I had to laugh about the chocolate dust. It sounds delicious! I was craving chocolate chip cookies very badly recently so I picked up a bag of chips the last time I was in Beijing. I came home anxious to cook them, but without any measuring cups and in my little "easy bake oven" (a toaster oven) the cookies turned out really Frankenstein. We devoured them happily anyway. Such are the pleasures of expat life!

Htown Jenny said... [Reply]

Hey, thanks for commenting at Axis of Beebles. Glad to discover your blog & articles as a reminder of Beijing. We found the Beijing Kids mag after about 2/3 of our trip was over, too late for lots of stuff, but not too late for a visit to the Bookworm to stock up on Seuss!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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