Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free At Last, Free At Last

School starts tomorrow for both boys. The elder is disappointed because none of his friends from last year made it into this year's class - but he's pleased with his big win in the teacher lottery, as his teacher is apparently well-regarded in the 10-and-under crowd. And the younger is a bit worried, I think, that he'll have a new classroom and a new teacher and new friends to meet, but he liked his new teacher when he met her today, and his pals Otto and Chuma are in his class again.

We kick off the year with a picnic lunch and an afternoon in the classroom. Friday will be a full day of school for them... and a pedicure for me. Girl's gotta keep busy...


Anonymous said... [Reply]

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Connie said... [Reply]

We are still taking care of things stateside and I am so anxious to get going, get settled at our new post, and get our kids in school again!

Good luck for yours with the coming new school year :)

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