Monday, August 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello out there.

Remember me?

School started over a week ago, and I had all of these Big Plans for what I would do with my free time. But somehow, despite the fact that half of my kids are gone all day, that free time hasn't really materialized.

Sure I did manage to have that little tea party I mentioned - 20 or so people showed up, several of whom I'd never met before. And I've spent some time catching up with friends. But still, somehow, I haven't found any large chunks of time just waiting to be filled with working out, making cookies or updating this blog.

Maybe next year.

I'm still working on that bid list. Having trouble keeping all of the posts straight in my mind. But I have a tentative top 6 that I need to talk over with husband. Only problem is, he's leaving for a 3-week TDY to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, at the end of the week, so I'm not quite sure when we'll get a chance to talk. Maybe I'll fly up there for a visit. Actually I'd love to do just that - I've never been to Mongolia - but 5 plane tickets on short notice? Maybe not gonna happen.

Meanwhile, I'm working on 2 articles that aren't technically due for a couple of weeks, but I've imposed a deadline of Monday, as I might be returning to work by then. So I'm interviewing and transcribing and researching and wondering why I put myself through all of this for a (very) few measly dollars?

Ainsley just fell asleep, but Kyra just woke up. So I'm back on mom duty for awhile. More from me later... maybe.
Please. Write your own stuff.