Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One More Week

Just one week from today and I'll be Seattle-bound with four kids and no husband. Right now I'm trying to get everything done to get out of here for my first trip home in 2 years.

Last week I went souvenir shopping at Yashow with some friends - that's right, a few lucky readers will be recipients of fabulous Made in China gifts when I hit the ground stateside. (Maybe only a very few, as I haven't finished shopping yet.)

As usual, we put on quite a show as we trotted through the market. I don't know quite why, but vendors and shoppers alike gathered to watch us as we bartered and bought. On this particular day, there was a mini-feeding frenzy as we finished up at one vendor and all three of us pulled out our wallets to buy in bulk. A horde gathered round to watch us stuff purchases in our bags. This, despite the fact that these guys were just across the way, shopping for jewelry. Yet noone paid them any mind at all...


Jessica said... [Reply]

Enjoy your trip! How long will you be in Seattle? I'm coming at the end of July for my cousin's wedding.

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