Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The World Turns...

I'm not the sort to get teary-eyed on the first day of school. Firsts don't bother me so much. But lasts - that's another story. Friday is the last day of school, and can it be that my little Aidan is almost finished with kindergarten? And big brother is finishing 3rd. Kyra turns three this weekend. And Ainsley started walking last weekend. I'm feeling terribly old.
My last day of work is tomorrow - I'll be spending the summer with the kids, and hopefully my current bosses will bring me back on for some more projects in the fall. It's actually been pretty interesting. This is our fourth Embassy assignment, and I've worked part time at three of these posts, but this is the first time I've really gotten a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what goes down on a day-to-day basis. It's pretty amazing, all the things that get done at an Embassy on a given day. And then, I've had a chance to really study up on China, and I now feel so much more knowledgeable about this place I'm living. Of course, the biggest perk has been getting an opportunity to hang out with my husband. We haven't spent that much time together - I think we went out to lunch once? But it's fun to get to see what he's working on, and  I'm always impressed with how good he is at his job.
So to summarize. Tomorrow: work. Thursday: parties and events all day at school. Friday: hopefully squeeze in a massage before the kids get home at noon. Saturday: summer vacation - an impossibly long stretch of time to fill with four little ones at home. I love it. I dread it.
Good night for now.


GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

Yes, just wait until your first child leaves home for college. I cried at the airport and for the next few days. I'm interested in what you said about the Embassy as I just took the FSOT exam in LA. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your part-time work there.

Connie said... [Reply]

Mine left kindergarten and 3rd grade this year and yes, it was emotional! We also moved. Temporarily in the US now. What a change! And the kids are handling it all so... maturely. wow. There are benefits... as I mentioned to someone else, I actually SLEPT on the airplane. My 6yo kept herself entertained and interacted politely with attendants. I was so tired! But yes, where'd my babies go?

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