Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You Mr. Ambassador

Thanks to our friend and mentor from 2 (almost 3) previous posts, I am now back on blogger and around the Chinese censors. I’ll try not to gloat about it too much, as it wouldn’t do to embarrass those pesky censors, who have scads of ways of making life miserable for us when they want to. And I’d like my computer to survive the rest of our posting in China.

But let me just do a quick little jump for joy. I have blogger! And all sorts of other fun places to visit out there on the internet!

And now, to temper the joy with pragmatism: In my absence from the internet, my google reader piled up with over 700 blog postings. Which would take forever to read even if my time were unlimited. Which, as you might imagine, it isn’t. It’s summer vacation, so I have 4 kids – plus various hangers-on – underfoot all day long, looking for snacks and entertainment. Also, I have an article due on Friday. Have I started it? Well, technically, I did jot some notes in my notebook, but aforementioned book has apparently escaped from the madness that is our house and gone to find a quiet nook befitting a writer’s notebook. So alas, I’ll be starting over.

It’s good to be back.


Jessica said... [Reply]

Welcome back!

Jill said... [Reply]

Congrats to you for finally getting back into the easy land of blogging!

Please. Write your own stuff.