Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reason #107 Why You Shouldn't Let Your Husband Commute by Bicycle in Beijing

Really, do you need 107 reasons?
Well, here's a good reason not to commute by bike in Beijing. If you happen to be travelling home from work in a bike lane next to, oh, let's say, a lady on a small motorcycle, and she happens to swerve into you, she might knock you off your bike. She might even land, along with her motorcycle, on top of you. You might extricate yourself from the pile to discover you're losing blood at an alarming rate. Also, you'll realize there is no ambulance service. So you'll call the Embassy, but it'll take 40 minutes for them to find you there by the side of the road. It'll take your spouse that long to find you, too. Maybe she could've gotten there faster but, you know, she probably had to find a neighbor to come over and sit with the kids. So, even if you're lucky enough to crash on the same street as the hospital, it'll be well over an hour before you get to the ER. You'll need stitches. Lot of stitches. Inside of your face and out. And you're likely to be pretty bruised and cut up and sore. Maybe you'll even have some nerve damage if you hit your shoulder particularly hard. Also, your bike will be mangled. Which is okay, really, because at this point you really ought to give up commuting by bike, don't you think?
(p.s. Bart's doing much better now.)


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

Ouch. Not good. Glad he is as okay as he is!

scaryazeri said... [Reply]

didn't Katie Melua sing there were 9 million bicycles in Beijing? :))
Gosh hope your husband is OK. Enjoyed the posting though. :)

Kelsey said... [Reply]

I'm glad he's okay!

Jill said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness! Glad to hear that he's ok!

BTW - We had the baby 3 weeks ago today. A boy. :) Now we're jumping through hoops to get him on orders, cleared, and all the fun stuff so we can go back to post in 5 weeks. Wish me luck!

Jessica said... [Reply]

donna - i've never known anyone to have a family with more visits to the ER than you. please give my best to bart and i hope he is doing better. and tell him to stay off that bike!

Connie said... [Reply]

So sorry to hear of this! Glad he is ok! How scary :(

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