Friday, April 24, 2009

One More Week Gone By

Second week of work - finished. Today I actually stayed home. Scratch that. I didn’t go to work, but I wasn’t at home. I went to Shay’s school for the 3rd grade culture kit presentations. I’d love to tell you all about it, but it’s late and I have to sleep.

Tomorrow my husband returns from the States. In fact, he should be winging his way back already, so fingers crossed for his safe journey, please.

Unfortunately for me, he won’t return until the afternoon, which leaves me to take the kids to the International Fair at the school without him. I’ve been having nightmares – literal nightmares – about losing Kyra in the crowd, as this Fair is enormous. An hour ago, I hit upon the brilliant idea of pinning my cell phone number to her back, and I’m feeling a bit better now. (of course, seeing as how I’m deaf, I won’t likely hear my cell phone ringing in my purse, but still…)

So hopefully I’ll get a good sleep tonight, nightmare-free. I need it.

Yes, I did manage to write that article that was due, but I still have to proof, re-draft and submit it. Hopefully by Sunday, or my editor is going to be seriously unhappy.

But before I finish the article, I have to post about Shay’s culture kit today. He did a great job. And I came pretty close to smacking another mother in the head when she started yelling at her poor kid. Seriously, what’s wrong with some of these parents? Let the kid make her own mistakes already. But I didn’t hit the lady, which should qualify me for some sort of award. These days, I’m looking for any excuse to win a good mother award. I won't likely get one for my skillful ordering of pizza - though I am quite adept at that.

Okay. I’m off to bed. Check back here in the next few days and I’ll try to tell you the story of the crazy parent at the culture kit thingee. Unless I have a better story about not losing any kids at the International Fair.

Who knows? I might even get all crazy and post a picture or something…


Jill said... [Reply]

My girls preschool in Israel took the kids on several outings. Before they left the school they put stickers on each child's back with the teacher's name and cell phone number. I always felt much better about that!

Enjoy your husband being home - At almost 4 weeks w/o mine, I'm starting to count the hours 'til he gets here! Single parenting is NOT over rated!

Please. Write your own stuff.