Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not Much Time

Oh, this is painful. I finished my first week of work. Technically, just 24 hours a week. But here it is: up at 6 a.m., get self ready, get kids ready, push two kids out the door for the bus and get out the door myself by 8 a.m. Sit in my quiet office til 3:30, reading and typing and reading and typing. Then race home – arrive by 4:15. Change and take kids to playground for an hour. Back home, eat dinner, pack lunches, baths, books, etc. Fall into bed.

Blog? Not so much.

For starters, I can’t really blog about the job. The State Department frowns on employees blogging about their work, and at the moment I’m an employee, not a spouse. But I can say I’ve landed in the perfect little job for writer me. So I’m quite pleased about it. Exhausted, yes. But if you’re going to leave your kids with a nanny to go earn a paycheck, I really think it helps if you enjoy what you’re doing. And the best part? It’s project-based, which means in one more month, if I decide it’s too much, I turn in my project and walk away. But if I like it, I can ask for another project.

So there’s that. Of course, when I decided to take the job, I figured I’d have a husband at home to help on the weekends. But he just took off for an emergency trip to the States, so I’m now officially a single working mom. Really not so easy.

We made it through the weekend, with a little help from my take out menus and grocery delivery. And now here it is, Sunday night. Lunches aren’t packed. Shower isn’t taken. Darling daughter isn’t sleeping. And I certainly haven’t written the article that is due any minute now.


Please. Write your own stuff.