Monday, March 9, 2009

TGI... Monday

A crazy weekend this past weekend. Husband worked the whole time, but thankfully it was a really nice weekend, weather-wise, so I was able to shove the kids outside every time they fought.

I actually enticed them to go for a walk with promises of hot cocoa. The local Starbucks is exactly a 13-minute walk away when I go alone, so I thought a there-and-back journey would be good exercise - plus, I was desperate for a mocha. We walked there, the five of us, then stopped in the toy store on the way back, just looking for ways to burn our allowance. Then back home, but when we passed through the playground we discovered all of our pals were hanging out there, so we joined them.

The 13-minute walk turned into a 3-hour round trip, but it was all good.

They are laying down some sort of slightly spongy surface over the hard-packed earth in the playground, so the workers were all there, too, hammering and shoveling. Why they couldn't wait for a school day, I'll never know. I'm also not quite sure what they're hoping to accomplish - the spongy stuff is only slightly less hard than the dirt, and it doesn't look as though it'll last long.

But there they were, and at one point it must've been break time, because a couple of them lit up cigarettes and leaned against the monkey bars, smoking, right next to the kids. As if that weren't gross enough, one of them cleared his throat and spit, right into the sand where the kids were digging. Ummm... ewww?

Just a wee reminder that we don't live in the States anymore. And, if I were ever to monetize this blog, I suppose I could do some great marketing for Purell. Because I had to practically bathe them in the stuff when we got home.

Here's my latest article for beijingkids. Read it s l o w l y, because it's the last one you're going to see until the May issue. I think my fledgling career as a writer is grinding to a halt - way to go, financial crisis!

And with that brief update, I'm off to meet the school bus. Dinner's already made, so I'm feeling good. I hate making dinner while the kids are all underfoot, looking for a bit of mom time, don't you?


goooooood girl said... [Reply]

your blog is so good......

Sotorrific Twins said... [Reply]

We had a starbucks trip this weekend, too - must be a SAHM thing, right? And its never as fast as you think it'll be - our culprit is Lola, our pug. She gets WAY more attention than the twins! Go figure.

Sotorrific Twins said... [Reply]

PS - love the article!

Sara & Jorgan said... [Reply]

Loved the article too.
--Sara from Almaty

Connie said... [Reply]

Yesterday was a great day to be outside in Cairo too :) We have some spongy tile stuff in the playground, full sun, at our apt. complex. It isn't 'soft' but it is more forgiving than concrete. Amazingly, it has not been replaced in the 4+ years we've been here and is still in good shape - not 'pretty', but structurally sound. It is good to have and might even keep it cooler.

Jessica said... [Reply]

Ick. Lugies. They are everywhere here. Someone once told me Azeris find it gross when people blow their nose instead of spitting it all out on the ground. This is a cultural difference I will never understand.

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