Saturday, February 14, 2009

And Another Article...

Here's another article for you. This one's also from beijingkids.


Debbie said... [Reply]

What a great article! I enjoyed reading it.

You'll be happy to know (I have this on good authority from a homeless man in Seattle who didn't think I should be adjusting baby blankets in chilling wind) that babies aren't able to feel cold. Unsolicited advice is universal, even if the content varies!

Erin G said... [Reply]

not sure if you've had any kids here in the states, but you should know that even here, people think babies should wear socks (and shoes!) outside in the summer.

nathan was born in july, I live in north carolina, and people commented on his bare feet ALL THE TIME.

just so you know, he survived and is well into toddlerhood. :)

Deborah said... [Reply]

When we were in China with Emma, the older women would get upset with me for not dressing her in warmer clothes. One day I jokingly asked our guide if they were saying I was a bad mother, and she very seriously replied "Yes."

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